Historic Route 77

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About Historic Route 77 in Norman

Back in the old days—not that long ago—US Highway 77, Porter/Classen, was the primary route through Norman. That highway designation now applies to East 12th Street but the Porter/Classen route is still a main artery through town.

Historic Route 77, Col. Dick's Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market

Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market

Announcing Historic Route 77—a community of locally owned and operated businesses filled with antiques, collectibles, vintage, retro, hand-crafted and original items. The goal of the project is to promote Norman and vicinity as a destination location for antiques and vintage shoppers.

The Historic Route 77 map and shopping guide will appear in Norman etc., A Guide to Arts and Entertainment.

Many of these shops take consignments or rent booth space to individual vendors. An added feature of the shopping guide will be Vendor Listings with contact information and where you can go to find these items as well.

The area along this historic route in Norman has recently become a hotbed of antique, vintage and pickin’ opportunities. At Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds you might get dusty and dirty while you look, but you also might find a treasure. The flea market is open at least once a month, and more often when the schedule at the fair grounds allows.

Historic Route 77, Bistro Set, by Jan Stratton

Bistro Set. Glass, wood, and burlap. Assembled and updated by Jan Stratton.

On Main Street in downtown Norman you’ll find vintage clothing, vintage guitars, antique furniture, vintage jewelry and so much more.

College students can furnish a new apartment with a vintage couch or chaise lounge. Small dinette sets can be found in bright turquoise or neon green. A 1920s art deco vanity with a round mirror might be a made over in hot pink and black. Chalkboard surfaces abound.  Side tables and coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Mirrors and lighting can make a small space seem larger

and the opportunities are endless with old lamps, revamped lamps and new lamps and light fixtures made with antique, vintage and non-traditional items.

If you’re stocking a kitchen, you’ll find functional items such as vintage canisters, bowls, iron skillets, and a cookbook or two. For a decorative touch, browse the tablecloths, napkins, and aprons. Serving trays, roasting pans, and a set of dishes, or china can also be found.

Historic Route 77, Primitive Art Deco Side Table/Shelf, Jan Stratton

Historic Route 77, Primitive Art Deco Side Table/Shelf, Jan Stratton

Furnish a small office, or home study area with a custom painted wood desk, and if you need a bookshelf, you better buy it when you see it, or you’ll miss it. Shelves move fast.

There are a few local inns for overnight guests and the area is dotted with locally owned and operated restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops where shoppers can rest their feet and have a bite to eat.

Feature articles, photos, and menus will be coming soon!


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