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Pretty Pillow Makeover at the Flea Market

There’s one more week for the Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. Come check it out.

Jan Made It

Here’s what I did at the Flea Market over the weekend.

IMG_8771.JPGA couple of pretty Japanese-made blouses—complete with piped edges and frog closures—are now a couple of pretty pillows.

Pretty Pillow Makeover on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

One was black, with a simple neckline.

Pretty Pillow Makeover on JanMadeIt.wordpress.com

The other was red, short sleeves, with a pretty stand-up collar.


This collar was too pretty to cut away and relegate to the discard bin.


The lady in the booth next to mine had them. She’d bought a few things at a garage sale and as she paid, the seller picked up these blouses and said “here, you can have these too,” so they didn’t cost her anything.


I had my sewing machine set up and it wasn’t long before she brought the blouses over and asked, “Can you think of something to make out of these?”


I shrugged and suggested “pillows?” I showed her the pillows I’ve made out of toddler shirts and…

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