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Oil Lamps, Coffee Grinders, and Folk Dolls, Oh My!

Two weeks down, and I think four weeks to go at Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman and there is still a LOT of shopping to do.

What about this gorgeous cane bench? It’s in meticulous condition and ready to add charm to your family room or pull it up to your dining room table if you’re so inclined.

Cane Bench
 There are still plenty of cameras to shop. Some are in functional condition, others are just great display pieces. Either way, if there’s a camera buff in your life, one of these would make a great gift.

There are dozens and dozens of tables full of glassware, stoneware, china, and pottery items. I have a thing for little pitchers and this one caught my eye.


And I love this set of ice tea glasses. There are at least ten in the set, and they’ll add charm to any table setting.

Sunflower Iced Tea

This rocking horse isn’t antique, and it’s not a real rocking horse, but it’s sure cute. The narrow design would fit on a high shelf, or under a window. Decorate your front porch with it if you like.

Rocking Horse Primitive

This trio of copper mugs wasn’t around long. I saw someone walk out with them before noon on Saturday.

Copper Mugs Sold

Here’s an old portable Smith-Corona that would clean up nicely. It’s kind of a peachy beige color and comes with the carrying case.
Smith-Corona Portable

I really want this white enamel coffee pot and trio of coffee cups, but so far I’ve resisted. I can’t believe they were still there at the end of the day Saturday.


How about this 70s era  pitcher and cups.

Pitcher Mugs

And there was a table full of pewter treasures. Sticker prices are what they didn’t get at the estate sale. Flea market prices are always negotiable.


Every time I turned around I came across piles of dolls: boxed collector dolls, rag dolls, vintage dolls and this little collection of folk dolls.

Folk Dolls

It’s dated and dusty, but the Texas Instruments calculator still works.
TI Calculator

There were several dozen Mother Goose records in this box. Most were still in the bright yellow sleeves and looked to be in pretty good shape in spite of the years. If you don’t have the technology to play them, I’m sure we can turn up a little record player for you.

kids 45s

There are always oil lamps around. I have a few I really should let of. Maybe if I sell one of mine, I could buy his green one.
 Oil Lamps

I have a collection of pepper grinders. Coffee grinders will be my next obsession as soon as I make room to display a few of them.

Coffee Grinders

Here’s a pitcher that would look even better filled with fresh lemonade garnished with bright lemon slices.


Here’s an antique scale you might like.


If you’re a Derby fan, you’ll enjoy this set of glasses for your next pitcher of mint julips.

Kentucky Derby Glasses

Even if you don’t collect miniatures, who can help but smile at this little painted porcelain elephant?

Elephant Miniature

This collection of glassware makes me thirsty for a Coke float.


I imagine this hour-glass sold while I wasn’t looking, but it still might be there.

Hour Glass

There were at least three cases full of random vintage soft drink bottles. Find or build the right display shelves and add them to your kitchen decor. They’ll be handy when you need a bud vase here or there around the house.

RC Cola etc.
I didn’t know llamas had blue eyes.  Or maybe it’s an alpaca. The legs are kind of short for a llama. Either way, it’s cute.

When I pointed out this gorgeous set of 60s Mad Men era glassware, my friend Dianna bought it. But if you really like it she was going to put it in her booth at Stuff. That’s another second-hand, antique, collectible shopping experience along Highway 77.
 60s Glassware
See anything you like?  There are dozens and dozens and dozens of  boxes and crates to unpack and more trailers to unload this week.

Come check it out.



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