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The Barn Continues to Fill Up

Tomorrow, Friday morning, Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market will open for two days. The barn continues to fill up.

Cameras are frequently available and here’s a table with some of what you can get your hands on this weekend. Some look to be in great condition, others might be for display only, but they’re all fun to look at. I saw a movie camera and binocular case on the table too.

This dinette will brighten up any apartment or breakfast nook.

Green Dining Set at Col. Dick's on Historic Route 77

If you need extra chairs, here are a couple that will add charm to any space.


Wonder what time it is? Vintage time is the same as it is today after you plug it in.

If you like vintage kitchen stuff there is so much to browse through.

And what about this metal rocker for your porch. Don’t you just love it!


Here’s more randomness from the flea market: transistor radio, doll cradle, quilts, a lidded basket, a wicker lamp, rusty car grill, and a work chest that looks like it once rode on the back of a covered wagon.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Come browse for yourself to find your own treasures.

See anything you want to take home?





One comment on “The Barn Continues to Fill Up

  1. Jan
    July 12, 2013

    Reblogged this on Jan Made It and commented:

    Here are more of the things you can find at Col. Dick’s Flea Market this weekend at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.

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