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Garage Sale Goodies

While this garage sale is not on Historic Route 77, no doubt some of these refinished and refreshed items will probably end up for sale somewhere along the route in the following weeks and months.

IMG_7922.JPGHere’s the ad:

Robinhood Lane, 8-3 Fri/Sat

Funky, junky furniture. Too much stuff, no room to paint. Chairs, small tables, desks, headboards, bench, dinette, chests, orphaned drawers, mirrors, ottomans, hassocks, stools…. Some refinished, recovered, and repaired, others ready for you to turn into treasure. Also lamps, bike, blender, ice shaver, sandwich griller, etc.  Pix at HistoricRoute77.wordpress.com

Robin Hood Lane Garage Sale on Historic Route 77

Here are some of the orphaned drawers.  They may or may not still have hardware when the sale begins. So many ideas for dog beds, wall shelf units, display table tops, but I had no place to do the work to finish these projects.


I have three of these little mid-century cubes. I removed the legs and started a Mondrian style paint job when the weather turned on me last fall and I had to put the project away. My plan was to connect them and create a bench; a tower; or an L-shaped bench/storage unit. I hadn’t decided if I would replace the legs or use something different. Now someone else can decide.


Here’s a couple of old metal folding chairs. I’ve already recovered the seats with that red leather-like fabric. They’re kind of a scruffy silver now, but I was going to scrub them down and give them a new paint job.


This drop-leaf primitive farm table may have a high price on it because it hurts my heart to sell it.  The base is so narrow it’s kind of tippy when both leaves are open. My idea was to group a bunch of drawers into a wall shelf unit to hang above this table. One side of the table could be opened to create a little desk and dropped down when not in use. It would be cute in a kitchen with the drawer shelf unit filled with cookbooks, and vintage kitchen utensils for display.


I have at least three little bentwood chairs to sell.  And I had great expectations for that 1950s era dinette chair next to it. Someone recovered it with green velveteen (?!). Almost anything else would be an improvement.

There’s so much more! And it’s just a little snippet of the kinds of goodies you’ll find along Historic Route 77 every weekend.

See anything you like?




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