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June Flea Market Features

According to my computer, I took 84 pictures of different items at Col. Dick’s Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market in June. A lot of this stuff sold, but some of it might still be available at the next Flea Market July 12 and 13th at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman.

Don’t you just love this 1950s era Formica and chrome kitchen table? With the red and white top I’m sure it won’t be long before it finds a new home here in Norman. It was in really great shape.

In the lower left part of the picture you can see a darling little white wicker doll buggy. And I love the little  four-poster doll bed with turned spindles.


This red trunk needs some TLC, but I love it! It was standing on end and crowded with other items, so this was the best look I got. This would be perfect to turn into a coffee table.


There were several chairs in this set along with a drop-side dining room table in pretty good shape.


Here are a couple of signs.

Signs on Historic Route 77 IMG_7774.JPG

This chair was gorgeous. The price would probably be right enough to have it reupholstered if you wanted. I love the curves. It came from an estate sale.


How about a juke box? I even found a couple of boxes of 45s.

IMG_7720.JPG IMG_7743.JPG

I really wanted this Coke clock, but have to sell some stuff before I can buy anything else.

Here’s something else I had to resist.  I’m a fool for old camera gear, and here’s an old 8mm movie camera.


Here’s more camera gear. There’s an old Polaroid Instant camera in that gray zipper case.


I also wanted this mid-century set of coffee cups. It’s Home Laughlin. As a huge fan of Man Men (on AMC) I could see this set of contemporary mugs on the breakfast bar in the Draper’s mid-town Manhattan apartment.  Of course they would be circled around a shiny silver coffee pot—plugged in and perking away. Those are also frequently available at the flea market. And they make the best coffee!

IMG_7783.JPG IMG_7784.JPG

That’s muddy rain water in the bottom of this vintage Schlitz pitcher. It was in a storage units torn apart by one of the tornadoes that blew through the Oklahoma City metro on Friday, May 31.


I also have pictures of tennis rackets, golf clubs, vintage board games, an antique milk can, minnow bucket, Hot Wheels, cast iron, China, stoneware, crockery, stove top coffee pots, tea kettles, bird houses…

Some of these things may be out again at the Flea Market in July if they haven’t already gone home with someone else. If you see something here you like, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can find out.



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  1. Jan
    June 20, 2013

    Reblogged this on Jan Made It and commented:

    Here’s some of what I saw at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. In July I’ll try to get out there and post pictures in time for you to do some shopping if you see something you want.

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